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2020 Grant Request Instructions
CLICK to download instructions/application in English.
Haga clic aquí para descargar las instrucciones y el formulario de solicitud de subvención. (en Espanol)

Spring Deadline:  April 30, 2020            Fall Deadline:  September 30, 2020

* Note: Emergency Grant Requests may be submitted at any time.
Please write “Emergency Grant” at the top of the form.

  1. Only 1 request per year will be granted. Do not submit a Grant Request for both deadlines unless your Grant was not funded the previous cycle.
  2. ‘Name of Requester’ is the name of the Special Needs Professional (ie: teacher, therapist, medical provider, program director, and others) or Parent/Guardian. [If you are a Special Needs Professional and you’re requesting on behalf of a Parent/Guardian please list Parent info 1st and your info 2nd]
  3. Business/School Tax ID number is not needed for requests made by a parent/guardian for a child.
  4. Social Security number of Parent/Guardian is required if the request is made for a child or children.
  5. After completing contact information, please indicate the preferred method to use should SCFC have any questions about your grant request. (Please include both work and personal contact methods)
  6. Grant Request form must be COMPLETE or your grant request will not be considered for funding. This includes Tax and Shipping costs. If there are no tax or shipping costs, then enter the word NONE. There are no exceptions to this rule! (Estimates are okay, and please estimate high….not low.)
  7. Requests are limited to 1 vendor and 2 at most. The fewer items requested the better. 4 items maximum Choose wisely.
  8. Include literature and/or pictures of the item(s) requested, and consolidate them to one page and no more than two pages (THIS IS MANDATORY.) For items that are self explanatory such as an iPad, no literature or pictures are necessary.
  9. If this form has been completed on behalf of someone who does not speak English, please include the name and contact information for the person who can answer any questions we may have.
  10. Submit your Grant Request via EMAIL to If this is not possible, then a FAX will be accepted, but ensure that only 1 copy is faxed. (Please refer to the Grant Request form for our Email address. (Please DO NOT send a Grant Request by mail.)

Salinas Circle for Children hopes to complete each grant cycle within 60 days from grant deadline, but this is not guaranteed. If you have any questions or need assistance, call Vickie Casacca @ 831-424-7232. If you can only fax, please send it to the attention of Michelle Ferrasci @ 831-424-7232.


Grant Requests must be
complete to be considered!
Please read the instructions carefully
to ensure the request has been completed correctly.

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